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Scar cover up.
Belly botton scar camouflage

Before and healed result

Dog bite Scar camouflage

Healed result.

Scar camouflage

After one session.

Areola correction tattoo

Before, right after, and healed result.

Forehead Scar camouflage

After 4 session healed results.

Lips correction and Vitiligo camoufa
Scar Camouflage
Areola Before,After and Healed.
Unilateral Healed Areola
Scar Camo
Areola Correction

Before photo by another artist. Correction by Hotaru.

Beauty Mark 👄 #louisvilleky #louisvilleartist #pmu #pmuartist #moletattoo #mole #beautymark #beauty
Face lift scar, scar camouflage! It is not completely camouflaged BUT it looks better than when we s
Art of areola tattoo. Practice practice practice
Healed Beauty mark
Scar camouflage healed._▪️Time it takes _ 45mins (small area)_▪️Note_ Individual results may vary
Right after

This is right after so this will heal more brown.

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